Hedge fund veteran Lee Robinson’s Altana Wealth steps into the SPACs surge with new launch

SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, raise capital from investors, via IPOs, to buy shares in private companies, with a view to taking them public, typically through a merger with the publicly-traded SPAC.

Shareholders can then either choose to participate further with the merger as an investor, or redeem stock for the cash held in escrow following a takeover – an event driven optionality Robinson sees as “highly attractive.” Should no takeover targets be found within two years, the SPAC dissolves, with cash returned to investors… 

Altana Wealth, the credit, currencies and special situations-focused hedge fund led by industry veteran and former Trafalgar Asset Managers co-founder Lee Robinson (pictured), is gearing up to launch a new strategy that will capitalise on the fast-growing SPAC sector.